Touchless products are no longer the wave of the future. Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, people are seeking products with sensors rather than needing the touch of a finger or hand. Without the need of physical contact, there is a better likelihood that germs and dirt can be kept at bay. The new products being introduced are directed at the home cleaning and hygiene products industries. 

There are also other reasons for touchless technology. Say goodbye to paper towels! A touchless paper towel dispenser comes in handy when your hands are messy or wet. If your hands are soaking wet, there is no need to dampen the entire roll of paper towels. The hands-free option dispenses a paper towel without touching the roll.

There is no need to touch the handle of the faucet! Touchless faucets are helpful in the bathroom as well as the kitchen. Waving your hand over the sensor turns the water on or off without touching.

Touchless hand dryers are commonplace in public restrooms, but now they are available for home use. With just a wave of your hand, you can dry your wet hands in about 20 seconds. The added benefit is that it is eco-friendly with the elimination of paper towels!

Another option that is typically seen in public restrooms are touchless toilets. The touchless toilets look much like a traditional toilet, but have advanced flushing systems that don’t require you to come in contact with the toilet in order to flush. There is also a device to retro fit your existing toilet and convert it to a hands-free option. This device gets installed inside the tank with an electromagnetic sensor that allows you to flush without touching the toilet.

Touchless trash cans have become very popular in the home. Just wave your hand over the sensor and the lid automatically opens. Within a few seconds, the lid will soft close on its own. Some options even have a carbon filter to help eliminate odors.

These are just a few of the touchless options for your kitchen and bathroom. Other options include touchless soap dispensers, motion senor light switches and robotic vacuums. There is no better way to keep germs and dirt away from your hands than the new touchless technology options.

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